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Calorad USA collagen supplements, healthy solutions to regain its vitality

We manufacture our health products in a licensed pharmaceutical establishment assigned by Health Canada.

Calorad® innovates again in health and wellness. With these innovations on the cutting edge of technology, we offers a wide range of dietary supplements containing collagen and amino acids to help you stay active, healthy and have a better quality of life. Many people consume Calorad® as an Anti-Aging supplement and Joint Pain Supplements because it helps the body naturally restore its collagen reserves by offering a collagen protein with a high absorption rate. Proteins found in Calorad® exclusive formula are extremely bio-available. They help the body in its muscle production, which helps lower the production of fat. Simply follow the dosage and Calorad® will surely become the most powerful tool in your efforts to lose and control your weight, as well as rebuilding your muscle mass and connectives tissues. They can then use up fats and sugars more effectively, which increases weight loss. Try it today! Our factory of collagen supplemets possesses a certificate of GMP compliance of natural health products.


Over 6 million bottles of Calorad® sold in North America!

Collagen represents about 30% of total body proteins. It is present in each organ and also in hair, nails, skin and connective tissues, which basically holds all of your organs together. The amino acid chains that are found in our product include hydroxyproline, glycine and proline. The enzymatic hydrolysis process that we use to produce protein hydrolyzed collagen in Calorad® will become for favorite tool to boost your body’s collagen production. By having more collagen in your body, you will feel more ease in your body movements, less joints pain, weight loss etc.


The consumption of Calorad® can be a useful tool to transform body fats into noble muscle mass. To see these results, stay clear from your scale. Instead, use a piece of clothing to measure the results.  Consume Calorad® collagen supplements as directed and for a minimum of 3 to 5 months and you will see the changes happening.

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